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by rhiannon last modified 26/05/2016 12:43 PM

Two week resiedency of radical thinking and doing comes to Trinity

by rhiannon last modified 26/05/2016 12:43 PM

Control and Calculation : Inheriting Liberation : Improvised Publics

Emergenc(i)es is two week series of free workshops, performances, talks, films and exhibits from some of the most exciting thinkers and creatives.

Emergenc(i)es challenges how we learn? How we are (mis) informed. Does our online, algorithm driven world teach us detachment. What if we could learn, share and transform our lives in another way.

Writer, activist curator Deborah Withers wants to provoke us. She wants to take nothing for granted. Together, speakers, artists and participants will learn how we can radically transform our lives.


Inspiring live performances:

Anushiye Yarnell performs Nest a performance which has accumulated over a period of 4 years since the early stages of her pregnancy.

Cellist Bela Emerson invites the audience to become live co-creators in her piece in this innovative and inclusive work.

Abher behn presents a solo performance that uses sound and video improvisation, performance, composition and collage in a response to our experience of The City.

Ben Owen’s Goldf” will gather range performers in clusters across the floor of Fyfe Hall producing a sprawling live soundtrack to accompany his expanded film work.


Workshops and thought provoking discussions:

Shannon Woodcock presents a gentle and provocative engagement with how history can affect and inform us today as we time travel to meet colonial Australia’s first cook book writer, Cooking the Books of Genocide in Australia.

Madhu Krishnan examines how a radical politics might intersect with notions of resilience in the context of oppression under late capitalism in the twenty-first century.

Celebrated improv vocalist Maggie Nicols uses creative exercises to facilitate an inspiring group dynamic which reassure the nervous and challenge complacency to enable you to release your inner voice.

Should we be demanding Wages for Digital Labour? How do we, as everyday users of digital technologies, help to create wealth for large multinational companies?

Corey Mwamba looks types of silence as a palpable musical event within totally improvised music.

Bristol's favourite poet, playright, historian and general all rounder Edson Burton will respond to ‘Concerning the Poem’s Information’ from Édouard Glissant’s Poetics of Relation.

Martin Crowley’s presentation explores theory of participation in relation to culture, what it means to be truly involved and how what happens if we are not.

Charlotte Cooper, author of Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement, will challenge you to generate your own ideas for research and publishing tactics that demolish unethical and unequal power systems.

Per-forming Pharmacy - considering the emergency of the current historical moment through the collecting, categorising, collaging and sharing of words.

Transgender: Cultural and historical developments and the “case” of James Miranda Barry - Anne Heilmann explore how have perceptions and understandings of gender, sex and sexuality developed through history.

If you would like to learn more about repairing how we are portrayed in our public spaces, and if you’d like to take collective action to repair how we are portrayed in our public spaces, then join Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias and Isabelle Cox as they Dismantle the Master's Museum.

The week will culminate with one last final performance to end on - watch this space for details.

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